Ramble Man, Ramble

by Lukas Read

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Michael Winters
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Michael Winters Lukas Read creates amazing atmospheres and a true-to-his-roots country vibe that brings back memories of Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams and The Cardinals. Great, relaxing, country music with nice, traditionally-inspired lyricism. Favorite track: My Red Dog.
Dying For Bad Music
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Dying For Bad Music Read released those "Metamodern Sounds" when Sturgill Simpson was still tripping on shrooms. Favorite track: To His Bedside (under deerhides).
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Recorded in Pittsburgh, PA at Howley Street Studios and in Austin, TX at Town Lake Studios


released August 27, 2013

All songs written, recorded and produced by Lukas Read
All songs mixed by Lukas Truckenbrod except "My Red Dog" and "Drunk and Hardly There" mixed by Quinn Truckenbrod
All songs mastered by Jay Vega at JBird Studios
Album cover photo credit: Bryan Heller



all rights reserved


Lukas Read Austin, Texas

Cosmovisionary American artist. Austin, TX via Pittsburgh, PA via Buffalo, NY

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Track Name: Cowboy's Lament
She's singing all the saddest songs that she knows how to play along
In my head a voice rings out
All alone, who cares to shout
No one sees my cry

No one cares about her like I do since we were 17
She don't know me at all
And I don't what I'll do if she calls
Track Name: To His Bedside (under deerhides)
He thinks that he has found an answer to all the problems that he starts
He thinks it's all his power flowing from in the garden with his name

He stands up to me open always
his hands up pointing, straight-up holy

And who does he see
And oh he don't see me

He sees his face in the clouds, for he has gone to that wooden house

That wooden house he built his way
In the clouds on the clearest of days
It's a one-room haven
His face unshaven
The wood stacked neatly
His mountain treaty

Coffee, flour, jars of sweet tea
Listen closely, birds are chirping
in the rafters nests bring laughter
To his bedside, under deerhides

He wakes up early, his eyes filled with dew
Those aren't tears though, they're promises he means to keep
One by one, they fall down his cheek

He wakes up early, his eyes filled with you
Those aren't tears though, they're promises he means to keep
One by one, they fall down his cheek

When they're empty he lays down
When they're empty he don't make a sound
He's the only man in his town
And you're the only woman he has ever found
With eyes that color brown
Track Name: My Red Dog
I'm done waiting Lord, for my red dog
He ran away from me yesterday
He warms my red bones
Oh I'll be waiting the rest of my days
For that dog has gone away
That dog has gone away

I'm done praying Lord, for better luck
I pray every night and day
for good to come my way, but I just end up down
Oh i don't know
I am anymore
Since you left girl,
my days are a chore

I'm done picking Lord,
On my guitar, singing out my heart
I write songs about my car and driving out West real far
so I can keep my
till I am dead
Please sing with me and pick a key
I'll play for free
No, money don't bind me

I'm done driving Lord, my beat up truck
The one with the bad, bad luck
I find peace inside, when I go out for a ride
I'll pick you up in five
Somedays I'm driving across the land
I see my ending on the

Ending on the horizon
Ending on the horizon
Ending on the horizon
Ending on the horizon
Track Name: Blue Skies (up ahead)
Blue skies, up ahead
Blue skies, sun is read
Rain came, now it's gone
I got
Blue skies, up ahead

Rain washed down the valley
took me from my family
now I walk on and wonder when I'll feel my mother's arms holding me again

My girl she writes me letters
Says she loves me always and ever
Now I walk on and sing her name
She's my sweet tea, my Katie Mae

Warm breeze wakes me up early
sings me a mountain melody
Californ-i-a I wish you well
will I return-t-ya?
Only time will tell
Track Name: Drunk and Hardly There
When you walk into my room all covered in red
Your eyes shoot me glances that hint to my bed
I put on a record, your favorite song
And we dance, and we dance to the fuse of this bomb

We walk and we sing about nothing at all
our minds are other places that no one can recall
the trees and the moonlight are our only company
but if you listen carefully you can hear the melody

and I know you won't be here in the morning when i wake
and i know you won't sleep here till the sunrise starts to breaks
and i know that you love me but the signs they point away
so i try and i try to live in yesterday

if i kiss you too softly when it rains
if i hold you too tightly through your games
and if i walk away slowly and you don't care if i'm gone
then i won't bother to care when you fall and done me wrong

what good is it to call you when i'm drunk and hardly there
you laugh and you amuse me like a play that can't be shared
but when you lie against me our bodies learned to rhyme
and i smile to the highest of the high